These are the most Frequently asked questions, if you would like to leave me a question, drop me a message on youtube, leave a comment, or email me. Thank You!

How do you make your video FX?
I Make most of the animations myself, but in the older videos I found them on youtube, and uploaded them to get to you.

Can you  make me a custom effect?
Maybe, If a comment on youtube gets a lot of thumbs up, I might make it depending on viewer feed back. Also you can try tweeting me on Twitter (@ckanimations). Due to so much requests and inbox count, it is very hard to keep up with the requests. It will be easier to reach me through my email, because it filters out the youtube spam messages etc. The further you go to reach me, the more likely it can possibly get made. Best chance would be to send me an email!

What programs do you use?
Mainly adobe After Effects, but occasionally iMovie, or on windows, Sony Vegas

How did you learn to make all this stuff?
I am self taught. I also picked up a lot of stuff from a lot of tutorials and so on. Andrew Kramer over at videocopilot.net is a great compositer to go to for tutorials

What am I supposed to do with this...?
USE YOUR IMAGINATION! and If you don't like it don't even bother commenting or just unsubscribe

Can you teach me how to ......?
Send me an email, and I might be able to respond back with some help.

How am I supposed to use this! its on a purple background instead of a green or blue?
IT WILL KEY OUT NORMALLY!!!! the only reason its on a different color background, is because it needs to be a contrasting color!

Can I use this video?
All my footage is royalty free! use it all you want. Just please give me credit to any video uploaded after July 2011

Still got a question? Leave it in the comment box down below (coming soon) and I'll try to answer it 

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